We like to see results

Fit 4 Force helps men & women get into the best shape of their lives, improve their fitness and achieve their goals. We help you become a better version of yourself.

Here at Fit 4 Force we like to see results so all our training is designed to get maximum results. So whether your goal is to lose inches, improve your fitness levels or transform your body we can help you to achieve that goal.

You won’t get shouted at or get left behind instead our dedicated instructors will provide support & motivation at each session and encourage you to do your best. Our packages include client support and goal setting so you are getting the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost as all training is group based.

We use the latest training methods in order to get maximum results. All our sessions are based around interval training so you can work at your own pace. By using this method you can expect to burn calories for upto 48 hours after your session! Some clients have burned just over 1000 calories in one session!

Each session is varied and a variety of different exercises and training techniques are used including:

Full body weight exercises

Cardiovascular training

High Intensity Interval training

Resistance training

Speed training

Agility training

Some of our packages include periodic assessment sessions – this is great to monitor your personal improvements

bespoke fitness sessions

Fit 4 Force will help improve your overall strength, fitness levels and stamina. People come to us saying they can’t do a press-up or run. It makes us feel like proud parents when after only a short period of time we see people going from 1 or 2 press ups on their kness to doing full press-ups in double numbers!


Improved Fitness

Value for money

Fat burning sessions


The difference between who you are & what you want to be is what you do……..



Are you committed to getting on going results? Then sign up to one of our contracts.

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