Contract Terms & Conditions

All services purchased from Fit 4 Force Ltd must be preceded by the applicant acknowledging, by way of completing a PAR-Q form, that he/she has no physical limitations preventing him/her from participation. All applicants under the age of 16 must have consent from parent/guardian. The applicant also agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the sessions and acknowledge that these rules & regulations may change from time to time. Furthermore, all applicants release Fit 4 Force Ltd, its owners, directors, managers and all employees of all liability regarding 1) any injury to self or child. 2) any loss or damage to personal property. If purchasing contracts that are to be made on a regular basis, the applicant agrees to approve such payments to be made by debit/credit card on the dates that are predetermined in the services contract.

Registration & Purchase:

To register or purchase from Fit 4 Force Ltd, you must be over sixteen years of age. You must ensure that the details provided by you on registration or at any time are correct and complete.

Contract & automatic renewal: Contracts are for a minimum of one month from the contract start date, with automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless cancelled by either the client or Fit 4 Force Ltd, with notification IN WRITING at least 30 days in advance of the next billing date.

Refund & Cancellation Policy


Refunds will not be given for missed/non attended sessions. This includes but is not limited to, holidays, illness or non attendance. Fit 4 Force Ltd close over the Christmas Period, bank holidays etc….refunds will not be given for contracted sessions, however, you can use those extra sessions at any other session once we are re-opened. If Fit 4 Force Ltd cannot run sessions due to weather, closure of venue or any other reason out of our control refunds will not be made.
Cancellations – 1 hour notice is required for cancellation of single sessions. Missed sessions without the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended.

Session days/times may change in certain circumstances, however, Fit 4 Force Ltd, will give prior notice to all clients concerned.

There is no refund for merely changing your mind! We are here to help people get results! Results cannot be achieved if you fail to attend sessions.

Privacy Policy

Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorised employees have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from our sites allow you to opt out of further mailings.

Fit 4 Force Ltd will never sell trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.


You the client will understand that the fitness classes that you are taking part in hold risks of injury and dangers. The client realise that it is your responsibility to make Fit 4 Force Ltd aware of any medical conditions that you may have and any medication you may need. The client is also aware that you must comply with staff instructions for your own safety and smooth running of sessions. The client will make Fit 4 Force Ltd aware of any discomfort and also the desire to discontinue activities during the sessions.

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